Porcelain Enamel is:

Sanitary...a nonporous surface that resists bacteria growth and cleans easily.
Abrasion Resistant...does not scratch from wear and cleaning.
Chemical Resistant...is not harmed by harsh chemicals.
Corrosion Resistant...does not rust.
Graffiti-proof...everything wipes off.
Flame-proof...will not burn.
Fade-proof...is colorfast because the color is in it, not on it.
Totally Inorganic and Environmentally Friendly...is a nontoxic, mineral substance.
Weather Resistant...is not effected by the elements.

Many products today are manufactured with porcelain enamel finishes. Consumers who know the difference always choose porcelain enamel because it offers the benefits today's homeowners want. Porcelain is easy to clean and easy to keep clean. It always looks showroom new. Porcelain enameled products are non-porous glass surfaces that resist scratching, chemicals, heat and bacteria growth. It is the most durable highest quality finish for appliances, plumbingware, barbecue grills and cookware. When you want the best, choose porcelain enameled products and you will be saying "Thank heaven for porcelain" for years to come.

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What do these names all have in common? Porcelain on Steel? Porcelain Enamel? Vitreous Enamel? Cast Iron enamel? They are all names for Porcelain porducts! When looking to purchase a product with the most furavle finish available, remember the names above. BuyPorcelain.org is sponsored by the Porcelain Enamel Institute.

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